How to grow cinnamon at home [ healthy lifestyle & healthy food ]

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The cinnamon is a spice used to add flavour to dishes such as desserts, drinks, and teas. In addition to having uses within the kitchen, this ingredient has healthy properties that help keep our body in excellent condition.

That is why when using both cinnamon powder and twigs, I decided to plant a pair in my garden.

How to grow cinnamon at home [ healthy lifestyle & healthy food ]

The Right Conditions

1- Indoor or outdoor?

Cinnamon trees are suitable for both locations, indoor and outdoor, the main thing is they have to be in the sun.
When temperatures drop below 20 ° C, it is best to plant the cinnamon indoors.

2- How much sunlight?

Full sun is vital for cinnamon, so it is crucial to find a place where it gets enough sun. Even indoor you have to find a sunny location (window, terrace, etc.)

3- Soil?

Buy a good quality soil and do not use garden soil (may contain harmful bacteria).
Make sure that the soil is well draining.

For an outdoor tree, you’ll need enough earth to fill an area of ​​one meter (30 cm deep).
For an indoor tree, you need a large pot (you can use a small one in the beginning and transplant the plant over time)

Planting the Cinnamon

1- You can harvest the seeds yourself or buy a cinnamon tree from a nursery.

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